Advantages of SEMC

·Industrial Chain

   China is the main origin of the target materials with perfect supply chain, and product cost has very strong competitiveness.


 With 'three consistents' as the quality standards, to ensure product quality stability, got a high evaluation of the customer. SEMC has become one of the main target supplier for three large flat panel display panel companies in Taiwan.

·Technology and Management    

 The core team of SEMC was comprised of professionals and senior executives, they have rich experience in manufacturing technology, marketing, management and other aspects of the target. In the process design, equipment manufacturing and quality management, SEMC setup the industry's highest level as the goal, constantly innovate in product research and mastered the core technology of the industrial production of the target.


  Based on customer needs and local advantages, SEMC is involved in global competition. Built a network covered major areas for FPD manufacturing in global, to provide customers with fast and quality services.

·Product Series    

  SEMC manufactures all targets of various metals form G3 to G11 for FPD manufacturing.

Sand blasting room
Bonding Shop
Fixing Machine
Sintering Furnace
Large Rolling Mill
Large-scale Hydrogen Protection Heating Furnace
Large leveling machine
Metallographic laboratory
Nondestructive testing system