Message from the President

Changzhou Sujing Electronic Material Co., Ltd. (SEMC) islocated in Changzhou, Jiangsu province; the most developed area in China.  As a newly founded company with highlyknowledgeable management and with the finest technology in the thin filmindustry, SEMC has received very strong support from its Chinese centurial andlocal governments in Changzhou.  SEMC isa Chinese company, but is not to be mistaken as a traditional Chinese companywhich portrays the image of producing products of lowest price, weakperformance and less than adequate quality. SEMC is associated within the elite group of leading thin film materialmanufacturers worldwide.  

SEMC is a global enterprise operated by aninternationally skilled and highly educated team of business executives andengineers. This special group is extremely qualified in the development andmanufacturing of thin film materials for the Semiconductor, PVD, FPD and LCDindustries throughout the world.  Becauseof this greatly skilled team, SEMC is a company that offers productsmanufactured with top leading technology and of the highest quality used invacuum sputtering processes.  We providemany types of planar and rotating sputtering targets for large scale FPD, thinfilm solar and semiconductor applications ranging from Molybdenum, Tantalum,Copper, Titanium, ITO, ZAO, Aluminum-alloy, Silver, Ni-V alloy and CIGSmaterials.  SEMC’s products arecompetitively priced and guaranteed with the best service providedindustry-wide.  

Our sputtering targets are produced under thestrictest of supervision, using a step-by-step process control, analysis andinspection system, from beginning until completion of manufacturing theproduct.  All thin film materials made bySEMC, are guaranteed to meet our “three consistent” demands.  Regardless how small or how large the targetis, SEMC guarantees our targets will have 1.) consistent target surface, 2.)consistent target thickness, and 3.) consistent between each and every targetmanufactured per customer’s product specifications.

SEMC is strongly committed to align ourselveswith our customers, as partners, to assist them in achieving their very owngoals and objectives.  We guarantee ourproducts and service is second to none, and our entire staff stands ready towork with you and your staff in any way we possibly can. Our desire is to buildour reputation on developing long-lasting, prosperous relationships, as wellas, to keep our customers and service at the forefront of every phase of ourbusiness.  We would be delighted to havethe opportunity to demonstrate the positive outcome our products and serviceswould provide your company.